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Jeff Watson, a 48-year-old Oklahoma City man was jailed after he allegedly exposed himself to a woman while trying on women’s clothing at a maternity-wear store.

According to police, officers were dispatched Dec. 27 after a woman called to report that a man inside a maternity store exposed himself to her while wearing a bra and crotchless panties.

Investigators say the woman was working as a clerk at Modern Maternity in the Penn Square shopping mall when Watson entered the store and began browsing for clothes.

The woman told officers that she had seen the man inside the store before, and believed that he shopped at the maternity store because of his “big belly.”

The clerk stated that Watson approached her, asked for her phone number and asked if she’d like to go to lunch with him. When the woman refused, Watson took his purchases to a dressing room and then called her over to help him.

When the clerk went to the dressing room section of the store, she encountered Watson, who was dressed in nothing more than a bra and crotchless panties.

The clerk stated that Watson kept asking her to look at him, however she refused and requested that he leave the store.

Once Watson had left the premises, the clerk contacted police.

Watson was booked into jail and charged with indecent exposure.


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