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Cynthia Gonzalez, a 26-year-old Texas woman was jailed Friday after she allegedly fractured her toddler daughter’s skull while knocking her teeth out.

According to police, an investigation was launched Dec. 26 after a 2-year-old girl child arrived to Longview Hospital with a fractured skull, several punched out teeth, multiple bruises and bleeding on the brain.

Several family witnesses told detectives that Gonzales routinely punched the toddler in the face when she would cry or vomit.

One of Gonzalez’ children told detectives that her mother stated that she wanted to sell the toddler to someone else so she wouldn’t have to care for her anymore.

Two children also told detectives that Gonzalez refused to take the injured child to a hospital until the family had finished eating and opened presents.

Gonzalez told detectives that the child was injured after falling out of bed, however, a medical evaluation confirmed that the child’s injuries were inconsistent with Gonzalez’ explanation.

Gonzalez was booked into the Gregg County Jail on a charge of injury to a child with serious bodily injury. She remains in jailed in lieu of $100,000 bond.

The child is now at Dallas Children’s Hospital. Although she is expected to survive her injuries, doctors say the child will be permanently impaired and will suffer ongoing neurological problems as a result.


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